Mr C. Dearden

zinnia1” We had been planning to completely remodel our kitchen for a couple of years, but had been unable to find a supplier who offered a high quality kitchen at a realistic price. We had considered a kitchen from a DIY chain but although some of these looked satisfactory in the showrooms, we were pretty certain that they would start to show wear and tear early on in their life, and we wanted a job that would not only look good when it was first fitted, but for years to come. We found Eco German Kitchens in Winchester by pure chance, and were immediately struck by the high quality at what seemed a very fair price.

zinnia2We had a detailed layout already prepared, but Sabine looked at it and suggested improvements that made real sense when she pointed them out. We ordered a kitchen after a lot of useful discussions with the Eco team, and decided to have it fitted by their fitting team (such a good decision!). The fitting process hit some snags and complications, as all major job like this inevitably do, but what impressed us was the way in which the fitters, the design team and the factory all worked together to overcome these problems without us having to worry about them.  Daniel, in charge of our fitting work, proved himself to be both an engineer and real craftsman by the way in which he approached and overcame complications, and in doing so I realised the very high quality of the fittings. I had, for example, always previously rejected the idea of a corner carousel because of their usual poor construction, but the engineering of the one supplied matched that of my German car!

We could not be more delighted by our new kitchen and we would recommend Eco Kitchens to anyone.”

Best regards,

C. Dearden