Mr & Mrs Cox, Alresford

We recently needed a new kitchen (and utility) following a large extension to our 1970s house.  Being a relatively new house, we wanted something that wasn’t a “cottage” sort of kitchen, but would look sleek, smart, clean and modern.  We looked around all the usual places (Magnet, Homebase, Ikea, John Lewis, Howdens, etc) and they are all either hugely expensive or offered a poor range, or both.

A friend recommended Eco-kitchens to us, having recently purchased a kitchen from them, and so we went along.  From the start, Sabine was incredibly welcoming and patient, tolerating our indecision, multiple changes and multiple visits.  She was also very honest – telling us when she thought something wouldn’t work or wasn’t a great idea, which was exactly what we needed.  Having chosen,  Sabine came out to measure out a couple of times and talk to the builders, and she spent a long time working with us on the design, what cupboards and drawers to put where, what options were the most cost effective, and so on.  The computer images and plans we received after sorting it all outwere really helpful and accurate. 

Having ordered, the wait wasn’t too long – about a month.  Our builders fitted the kitchen, but Sabine and Jeff were great at advising during the process, replacing one cupboard which wasn’t quite right, and then coming back and tweaking a couple of cupboard doors and things.  Their aftercare service has been amazing.  With most others that would have been it, having paid the money, but not with Sabine!

Now it’s in, the kitchen is perfect!  The quality is superb, the finish immaculate and now we’re using it we realise the design work by Sabine was really excellent.

 So we ended up with a fabulous kitchen at an amazing price, with a really helpful and honest team at Eco-kitchens!