Colin & Pam Q., Petersfield

 Colin & Pam Q.

From the moment we met the Eco team, we knew we had found the right people. They made a thorough investigation of our home and our needs before coming up with a detailed proposal. They even provided solutions to problems we didn’t know existed – and what we really liked was that every time we visited the company, everyone knew about our project – we felt they were all interested and involved. And being a bit anal ourselves, we loved their attention to detail.
Operationally, everything went like clockwork. We did all the site preparation and then Eco took over. Our home comprises three 350 year old cottages, with no straight walls, various ceiling heights, and conservation restrictions, so the challenges were immense. Once everything was agreed (and again, their knowledge of the technical aspects of making a kitchen ‘work’ was such a help) Sabine and Jeff were looking over our shoulders every step of the way and helped us fine tune the project so that the end result exceeded our expectations. Although the ratio of quality/price is excellent (especially considering the quality of the units and the design and operational support), this was a major investment for us due to the high cost of preliminary building work which was a separate issue. But the result has been truly wonderful – there is not a single aspect of our kitchen we are not delighted with. The agreed budget did not vary by a penny which in itself was remarkable. And we now regard Jeff and Sabine as friends – and I don’t think you can pay a bigger compliment than that.